It is very important to us to promote positive body image and self respect while making sure dancers can move easily and comfortably. Additionally, instructors need to be able to clearly see dancers' lines in order to make corrections and provide feedback.  

For all classes, no street clothing/shoes, no jewelry, no gum. Hair must be securely pulled away from face.

Children in combo classes may wear anything listed in the Ballet or Jazz and Contemporary guidelines. Students in combos need both pink ballet shoes and  black tap shoes

Primary Ballet:
• Any color leotard, bikertard, or skirted leotard
• Tights may be worn but aren't required
• Short dance skirts or shorts are permitted
Pink ballet shoes

Ballet (Order with the studio HERE- click “online store”)
• Solid color leotard (Ballet 1- light blue, Ballet 2- burgundy, Ballet 3 & 4- black)
• Pink tights
• Hair in a secure bun 
Pink ballet shoes

Jazz and Contemporary:
• Dance top, leotard, or fitted t-shirt
• Stretchy pants/leggings or shorts
• Tan half sole or pirouette shoes

• Dance top, t-shirt, or leotard
• Comfortable pants/leggings, or shorts
• Black tap shoes 

Cheer and Hip-Hop:
• Dance top, leotard, or fitted t-shirt
• Comfortable pants/leggings or shorts
• Any CLEAN sneaker or athletic shoe 

Boys Hip Hop: 
• T-shirt & basketball shorts or loose fitting pants
• Any CLEAN sneaker or athletic shoe
No exposed midriff, low cut tops, "booty" shorts.