Our Spring Recital will be May 11, 2019 at Apache Junction High School.


Dancer Drop Off

There is a yellow information sheet included with each costume that lists the class performance time. Please do not arrive more than 30min before their listed showtime.

There WILL NOT be tickets available for purchase at the auditorium the day of the show. You can still buy tickets online for the 1pm and 3pm Shows. We will have roses and gift baskets available for purchase at the performance.


Recital FAQ

Q: Why do we pay for Recital Tickets?
A: There are a lot of expenses associated with putting on a recital  (i.e. auditorium rental, custodial services, facility insurance, scenery, copyright licenses for all of the music that you hear during the performance, ticketing, program printing, etc.) Without admission, the studio would simply not have the means to put on an end of year show.
We are NOT trying to make a profit on performances; we are only trying to cover the costs of the performance so that we can keep your regular monthly tuition costs down!

Q: Why three performances?
A: There are a few different reasons for this.
First, after all the hard work that these kids and instructors put in throughout the year it is our belief that they deserve multiple opportunities to showcase their talents!
Second, there would not be space in the auditorium if there were only one show. Since many older students are in several classes and/or have siblings in in multiple classes, it is impossible to divide the classes evenly into different shows without separating siblings or students in multiple dances. 
Finally, because we rely so much on parent volunteers backstage we offer three performances to give every parent the opportunity to watch their children perform. Many parents will purchase a ticket for one show and then volunteer backstage for the other. This way no one misses out.

Q: Can I be backstage with my child?
A: Only Parent Volunteers can be backstage during the performances. If you'd like to volunteer, please call or email. We'd love the help! 

Q: Why do small children need tickets?
A: We encourage small children to stay home since the recital will be at least an hour and toddlers will likely get restless and disruptive. We have also had issues in the past with "lap sitters" with no tickets ending up using auditorium seats. Infants under a year that can't be left at home may come without a ticket. 

If you have any other questions, please call, text, or email.